Be on vacation when you’re actually on vacation

I love vacations, do you? No! I am not trying to sell you a vacation package here; I am trying to help you make the most of your vacation time, you’ve earned it by working so hard and you therefore deserve to spend that time well – by your personal standards. Let me explain what according to me is a vacation – when you don’t check your business emails every… Read More »

The content of your resume matters

For many people, searching for a good job is not an easy task at all. The reason is not because majority of people lack the required qualifications, or skills for a particular job, but there are only a few people, who have the knack for writing an inspiring resume. Despite of this fact, resumes and cover letters are known to be an integral part of the job hunting process. Not… Read More »

Got interview skills?

Are you looking for a job?  Do you feel shy and less confident to sell yourself during a job interview? Do you think you need to polish on your interview skills? If you answered yes to any of these questions, just continue reading this short write-up to learn about improving interview skills. These days if you are out of work for any reason and you are going to sit in… Read More »

Cover letters are still important!

A cover letter is considered to be an applicant’s edge that will make you stand out among the rest of your competition.  There’s much debate as to whether a cover letter is necessary or not nowadays but the truth is, a cover letter is your first chance to “wow” an employer or recruiter so it is a must that you include it with your resume before sending it out to… Read More »

Keep employers interested in YOU after interviews

You could be an active job seeker or passive job seeker, either way, it is important to build a rapport with the Recruiters and the Hiring Managers during the entire flow of recruitment process. There are many resources that may be employed to keep employers interested, such as – thank you emails, getting in touch with existing employees via LinkedIn, or a brief text message. In some organizations, Recruiters only… Read More »